100X Coins: How to Find Them

Most of the investors mistake big coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for 100X coins. They believe that the creators of big coins know exactly what they are doing, therefore, they are more likely to make huge growth in the future as well.

The reality is completely different. It’s the small coins that have higher potential of growth, so If you’re looking for a crypto moonshot, you’ll have to descend into the world of emerging coins exclusively.

Forewarning about 100X Coins:

High reward, but also high risk. A minefield full of detonators that could annihilate your portfolio within one misstep. So just because someone mixed doge and shiba inu into a shiba doge inu coin doesn’t mean that it has twice the potential.

At the same time, we can’t hand you a bag full of promising 100x coins. This is not financial advice in any capacity whatsoever. Our goal is to equip you with the tools that can help you run your own due-diligence and uncover the hidden gems of the crypto craze without falling prey to obvious scams.

Things to Look for in a True 100X Coin

Before you pack your backpacks and step into the wild lands of altcoins, take a moment to clarify what you’re looking for. The only way to find something is to know what you’re looking for. So let’s start by looking at some key indicators of a 100X coin that could be worth investing into.

Market Cap: When finding a 100X coin, you have to adopt the mindset of the venture capitalists. Venture capitalists don’t care about the big established businesses and instead they focus on start-ups. Even though investing in a startup is more risky. Do you know why?

Because a start-up with huge growth potential could bring in extremely high profits. Similar to VCs, you shouldn’t invest in a crypto with a market cap of billions of dollars. Instead, you should invest with a cryptocurrency with a small market cap, in the range of  millions of dollars.

It’s also important to not invest in a crypto with an incredibly small market cap. This is because cryptocurrencies that have generated millions of dollars already are much more likely to grow, than the ones that have accomplished about little to nothing.

Community: 99% of the coins with small communities or a disengaged community don’t fail. Therefore, make sure the coin has a large and engaged community.

The coin should have multiple social media accounts and a Discord account. Each account should have at least a few thousand followers. Furthermore, the users should be engaged. If a huge number of users are not viewing, liking, or sharing the content created by the coin creators, then the community isn’t engaged.

Content Quality: The successful crypto projects always have one thing in common. Quality content. The videos, posts, and infographics should be top-notch. 

  • Design: The design should scream professionality. The website, social media, and infographics should have a professional design and the design should be consistent across all the platforms.

The font, color scheme, and the layout on each platform should show that you’re engaging with the same brand.

  • Main Point: If the point that’s emphasized throughout their content is something along the lines of, “Buy Our Coin And Become Filthy Rich!” Then you should definitely not invest in that coin.

It’s an obvious sign that the project creators are too much focused on earning money, and too little on solving the problem. The project is probably spam, and you should stay away from it as much as you can.

The Team: You have got two crypto options to invest into. The creator of one coin is the one of the most influential figures in the crypto sphere Vitalik Buterin, and the creator of the second coin is an unknown person who hasn’t worked on a crypto project even once in his life.

Which coin will you invest into? As you can tell, the team creators should have credibility. Ideally, they should have at least one successful crypto project on their resume.

However, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invest into a coin that doesn’t have a team with an impressive resume. If the coin is scoring high on the other factors, and your appetite for risk is higher, then you may invest in the project.

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Tokenomics: The last but definitely not the least important factor worth looking at is the tokenomics of the coin. Projects with well designed tokenomics incentivize the users to buy and hold for the long haul.

  • Distribution: Oftentimes the team members and the institutional investors get a huge percentage of the token supply. The downside of a small group of people holding a huge percentage of token supply is that they can cause inflation by selling their tokens.

Therefore, it’s important to note that the combined tokens of the team members and institutional investors shouldn’t be more than 10%-15% of the overall token supply.

  • Vesting Periods: While a more even distribution is a good measure for stopping the whales from causing inflammation, the whales can still cause inflation if they decide to sell their coins soon after the coin was launched.

This is because the coin hasn’t established a loyal user base at the beginning. When the users see a big surge in the sales of the coins, they panic and sell their coins as well.

A good solution to stop such events is to create a vesting period. A vesting period ensures that the users don’t get their coins at the early stages of the coin’s life.

A vesting period of 5 years means that the whales will get all of their coins after 5 years. They will get a small portion of their coins every month or two.

This gives the coin enough time to establish a loyal user base. When a coin has a loyal user base, it wouldn’t experience hyperinflation even if the whales decide to sell 5% or even 10% of the token supply.

This is because unlike casual users, the loyal users won’t sell their coins when the price of the coins is temporarily declining.

  • Token Burns: When a blockchain burns a token, that token gets permanently deleted from the token supply. According to the law of supply and demand when the supply is reduced, the price increases. Since burning tokens reduces the supply, the price of the token increases.

The coin that supports the burning feature burns coins whenever a transaction is completed. Therefore, if a coin supports the burning feature, it’s definitely a plus point.

  • Supply Limit: Another factor that’s worth looking into is the coin’s supply limit. A coin could have a limited supply or unlimited supply.

The coin with the limited supply gets a plus point. Because sooner or later, the coin will reach its max limit. When it happens, new tokens won’t be minted so the price of the coin won’t decline.

While it’s not a huge benefit, it still means that there is one less thing that could reduce the price of the coin.

  • Yields: There are various blockchain networks that offer yields for staking coins in their network. The yields are given in the form of coins.

This is a plus point, because when a blockchain network is offering yields for staking coins, it’s giving the users an incentive to buy and hold.

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Where to Find 100X Coins

There are two places where you are likely to find a 100X coin. DEX Listings and social media groups/communities. Let’s talk about why you’re more likely to find 100X coins in these two areas.

DEX Listings: The life cycle of a coin has 3 stages. Pre-sale, ICO, and listings. It’s incredibly hard to find 100X coins in the first two stages.

This is because the coin’s market cap and the community is too small at these two stages. As we told you earlier, the market cap shouldn’t be too small and the community size must be at least decent (a few thousand users).

Therefore, to find a 100x coin you must only look into the coin that has made it to the listings. However, you still have to narrow your target, because not all types of listings are worth looking into.

There are two types of listings. CEX listings and DEX listings. You shouldn’t look into the CEX listings because the coins that have made it to these listings are already big.

The DEX listings on the other hand includes coins that haven’t made it big yet. Therefore, you’re going to find the 100x coins in these listings. Two great DEX listings are on Binance and KuCoin.

Social Media: Another place to look for 100x coins is social media platforms. You should look into the social media groups/communities of the coins that haven’t made it big yet.

This method is a bit time consuming because you have to analyse people’s opinions about the coin. If the majority of the people in the group are saying things along the lines of “this coin is the next Bitcoin or Ethereum ” then the coin passes the test. However, the result has to be consistent across multiple groups. At least 80% of the groups have to share the mindset about the coin

One point worth noting is that influencers are a red flag for identifying 100X coins. There are two scenarios where influencers are promoting a coin, and both of them are bad.

In the first scenario, the influencers that are promoting the coin are legit. These are credible people who have a good understanding

about the crypto industry. However, when they are promoting a coin it means the coin has already made it big.

The second scenario involves influencers who have got little to no understanding about the crypto sphere or they have a history of scamming people. Therefore, these people should be definitely avoided.

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 3 common mistakes that every beginner makes. Read them so you can be sure that you’re not making any of these 3 mistakes.

Price Bias: Some investors are biased in favour of expensive coins. They believe the higher the price the coin has, the more credible that cryptocurrency is. This is a false belief, because the price of a coin doesn’t define whether a currency is successful, the market cap does.

To illustrate the absurdity of this point, let’s look at this example. You can get over 90,000 SHIB coins for 1 USD, whereas there are  unknown coins that no one is interested in, and yet they cost over $100.

Ignoring Fees: This mistake is common among new investors. They purchase crypto without understanding the rules regarding crypto gas fee. The difference in gas fee could be enormous depending on the exchange and the method.

For example, purchasing crypto using a credit card could cost a massive gas fee of around 3% of the entire transaction. When you put some time into finding an exchange that charges the lowest fee and supports the cheapest method, you may end up paying a gas fee as low as 0.1%. Therefore, also do your research regarding the gas fee, before purchasing crypto.

Not Jotting Down Recovery Seed Phrase: The recovery seed phase for your wallet helps you create a new password, in case you lose your wallet. However, if you lose the recovery seed phrase, it’s impossible for you to access your wallet.

Therefore, make sure to jot down your recovery seed phrase. Obviously, you should place it somewhere safe. A place where only you or the people you trust 100% can find it.

In case you want to know which crypto wallet is the safest, or want to know some other info related to crypto wallets, you should check out this amazing guide on crypto wallets.

How to Speed Up Your Process Dramatically

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