14 of the Best Crypto News Websites

Cryptocurrency news websites are the hardiest information websites on the internet today. They are thriving and educating the masses despite Google’s 2019 Bitcoin media coverage crackdown. Unfortunately, the suppression of the blossoming industry, only less than a decade old, hobbled some of the industry’s most popular news websites.

That said, some websites made it through the search engine’s clampdown on bitcoin and digital currency sites. Despite a sudden drop in traffic, these survivors now are the best crypto news websites for investors and learners alike.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry owes these cryptocurrency news websites a great debt for their role in enhancing crypto mass adoption through entertainment and education. Below are 14 of the best crypto news websites online.

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1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the best crypto news websites and also one of the most trusted voices in the crypto space. CoinDesk has been publishing cryptocurrency news data events and indices since 2013. At first, its focus was on the bitcoin industry.

To this end, it brought onboard Jon Matonis as its contributing editor. Matonis is a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation. In its early publishing years, CoinDesk offered useful guides to BTC investment. Then, in late 2013, it launched the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index aggregating data from the now-defunct Mt. Gox, CampBX, Bitfinex, BTC-e, and Bitstamp.

The cryptocurrency media website was also renowned for the trendsetting State of Bitcoin report. In 2016 however, the venture capital startup Digital Currency Group bought CoinDesk. CoinDesk has since then set the standards for crypto news reporting showing an extraordinary commitment to integrity and quality.

It is the to-go-to site for major altcoin video, analysis, and live price update content. Leverage its orderly site to access international news on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

2. U.Today

Founded in 2017, U.Today is a global media organization, which is based in Dubai, dedicated to helping people understand the new generation of tech and how it will change our future.

U.Today’s mission is to serve the emerging community of enthusiasts, professionals, and newcomers who explore, use and develop cutting-edge tech by heeding the core journalistic values of clear thinking, accuracy, and independence.

They seek to inform, educate, collaborate and support better practices for the benefit of all. Millions of users can now read U.Today’s articles from all over the world instantly every day.

3. Bitcoin Magazine

The Bitcoin Magazine is based in Nashville, Tennessee. It is published by BTC Media LLC, a media production company whose sole focus is to support hyperbitcoinization through education and information via the Bitcoin Magazine.

However, the Bitcoin Magazine launched in 2011, an effort of Mihai Alisie and the Ethereum network co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik worked at the magazine as its head writer and, in 2012, helped publish its first print edition in South Korea.

BTC Media LLC bought the magazine in 2015. That said, Bitcoin Magazine is one of the best crypto news websites and is widely regarded as one of the most influential crypto websites of all time. It is also the earliest significant cryptocurrency publication.

BTC Media LLC supports the annual Bitcoin Conferences and the Bitcoin Policy Institute to enhance BTC adoption. On top of that, beginning in 2018, the magazine made it public that it would only publish Bitcoin network content, returning to its 2012 element. Today, the Bitcoin Magazine publishes news on Bitcoin’s impact on finance, technology, and the world at large.

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4. NewsBTC

NewsBTC is also a golden oldie crypto news website, launching in 2013, right in the middle of the 2013 crypto bubble. This premier news service has a rich array of technical analyses, real-time price charts, and trading ideas. It is, therefore, the best crypto news websites for technical analysis traders.

It also has a fantastic performance analysis of the top altcoins and a trading course to boot. NewsBTC is also a formidable source of Bitcoin industry news and makes excellent reports on the technology convergence between AI, blockchain, and IoT.

5. Decrypt

Decrypt by Decrypt Media launched in 2018. Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys funded it.  ConsenSys is a blockchain technology software platform based in New York. Decrypt is an independent blockchain industry media brand that focuses on Ethereum and Bitcoin news and blockchain technology’s impact on the world.

Its main focus is on decentralization, and you will find informative news and opinion pieces on trust-less networks, oracles, privacy, and the most popular industry influencers.

The best Decrypt attribute, however, is its focus on storytelling. Visit this website if you are looking for a compelling but educative narrative on the industry happenings and Web3 technologies development.

6. Blockonomi

Blockonomi launched in 2017 and has grown in leaps and bounds. It covers all aspects of the blockchain economy, focusing on offering the freshest news to its readers. Blockonomi is also a rich source of crypto industry tutorials, reviews, and informative articles.

Besides its useful guides, Blockonomi is also a rich source of smart contract news. In addition, you will find a host of expert views and discussions on project backgrounds, a vital tool for the ICO or IEO investor.

7. Investopedia

Investopedia is a financial website that offers its readers high-quality and easy-to-understand financial and investment education. It was launched in 1999 and has accumulated over 32,000 articles and a monthly viewership volume of 20 million reasons.

Investopedia Academy is also one of the best crypto news websites that you can access online since its articles are expertly written by expert instructors. Visit the Investopedia Academy and learn all you need to know of trading, investing, and various complex blockchain technology protocols and terminology.

For this reason, Algory users have all that Investopedia has to offer easily accessible on the Algory crypto news tool.

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8. Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist is a rich news source on promising and newly launched tokens and their projects. Bitcoinist was founded in 2014 and has offered its readers a constant stream of news on bitcoin mining plus commentaries and reviews in blockchain technology. It is the to-go-to crypto news website for fresh news and in-depth discussions on the state of blockchain technology development.

9. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins is a BTC news website that provides educational content for beginner investors. It has a lot of useful tutorials on the history of Bitcoin and other technological aspects. Ofir Beigel launched the layman language written tutorials hub in 2013.

Ofir is the curator of the popular BitcoinObituaries.com, a database that curates the number of times that skeptics have wrongfully declared bitcoin dead. The Bitcoin obituaries list has run since 2010. The Bitcoin bears have so far pronounced Bitcoin dead 445 times in the last decade.

Nate Martin is, however, the face of 99Bitcoins. He hosts the Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday and 99Bitcoins’s educational videos that educate newbies on cryptocurrencies.

10. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is an unrivaled source of blockchain industry news and price tracking data. It was also launched in 2013 and is today the most renowned and referenced digital currency website. It is now a Binance Holdings Limited brand. Binance paid a whopping $400 million for it in April 2020. 

Crypto Twitter, for instance, references CoinMarketCap data information whenever there is a raging debate on project feasibility or sustainability. This website tracks the values of at least 11,000 digital currencies and is, consequently, a Wiki for crypto projects.

Now, many newbies might confuse it for a cryptocurrency exchange, but it is not. CoinMarketCap simply displays token details such as the price range, market cap, and each token’s historical data. This information is essential in trade.

CoinMarketCap also provides links to various exchanges, easing the trading process. In addition, its protocols discover and collate real-time cryptocurrency data from a variety of oracles, then send it to its price tracking feed.

Therefore, this website has the freshest 24 hours NFT, DeFi, and crypto market data for the investor. On top of it is a handy glossary of market terminology, how-to guide news, report launches, and Crypto Deep Dive videos.

11. CoinGeek

CoinGeek is a crypto news website focusing on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) network news. BSV refers to itself as ‘the original Bitcoin’ network. Consequently, while CoinGeek publishes cryptocurrency news and events, it has a soft spot for Bitcoin-related information.

You will find loads of Bitcoin educational content for beginners and a BSV e-commerce project pitching page. The site also has CoinGeek Conferences rebranded to the BSV Global Blockchain Convention page. The BSV enthusiasts can access all CoinGeek data from the Algory crypto news aggregation tool and app.

12. Forbes

Forbes is not an unadulterated crypto news website per se, but it hosts useful and well-written cryptocurrency and blockchain sector news and opinion pieces. More so, Forbes is easily accessible to the masses due to its formidable SEO and digital marketing strategies. More so, since Forbes publishes lifestyle content, it does not have to grapple with Google’s Core Update that restricts traffic to pure crypto news websites. Forbes’ cryptocurrency news is easy to read written in a natural language, making them perfect for beginner blockchain users. Forbes writers provide a lot of educational information on decentralized finance.

13. CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate was launched in 2017. It is a rich source of market analysis data hosting a massive directory of blockchain projects, industry players, and news content. Consequently, CryptoSlate is one of the best crypto news websites for altcoin news.

Visit CryptoSlate for in-depth real-time prices and news of over 2000 crypto-assets across a wide variety of industry sectors. CryptoSlate reports news from 26 blockchain hubs located in various places across the globe and harvests industry news from at least two hundred and fifty fintech companies.

14. CoinTelegraph

Like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph is also an OG and launched in 2013. It is one of the best crypto news websites for independent news on blockchain technology developments, digital assets, price charts, and in-depth opinion articles.

CoinTelegraph’s most unique feature, however, is not just its unrivaled crypto news coverage but its visual identity. In the last seven years, CoinTelegraph graphic designers and their illustrators have forged a formidable and easily identifiable visual identity that draws millions of readers. 

CoinTelegraph is, therefore, one of the widely read blockchain industry news publications in the world. Its website has all the latest news on the market, its analysis, and price indexes. In addition, you can access news on the latest performing top ten cryptocurrencies in the market for your investment choices and a list of CoinTelegraph’s Top 100blockchain and crypto influencers that shape the industry.

The Cointelegraph Research Terminal has top-notch institutional-grade research reports on digital assets and blockchain technology.

The final word

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