Algory Tutorial – Removing Scanners

In this lesson we will show you how to remove scanners from Workspaces or from Scanner Manager.

Below you can find quick “Video manual” in which we show how to remove scanners that you have already created:

Removing scanners

The user can:

1. Delete the specified scanner from the workspace

Crypto Scanner - close scanner

To do this, select in the upper right corner “Settings”, then select “Close scanner”. The scanner will disappear from the workspace, but you will still be able to restore it from the “Manage scanners” window.

2. Minimize the scanner window

Crypto Scanner - Minimize Scanner

To do this, select “_” in the upper right corner of the scanner window. The scanner will be minimized. To return the window to the previous size, press “_” again.

3. Remove the scanner completely

Crypto Scanner - Remove Scanner

To do this, go to “Manage scanners”, and then in the “Actions” column, select the “Basket” icon. You will be asked to confirm the removal of the given scanner. ATTENTION! The deleted in such way scanner cannot be restored.