Algory Tutorial – Using Crypto Scanner Library

In this lesson we will show you how to add predefined crypto scanner from our Library.

Below you can find quick “Video manual” in which we show how to use Library and take advantage of it:

Our traders have created some pre-defined Scanners. Thanks to that you can take advantage of many scanners that are useful while trading on crypto:

1. Volume spike on BTC & ETH

2. Spike up with min. 2%

3. Big sizes trades

4. Big size on BID/ASK

5. Volume spike on BTC & ETH

6. Multiscanner Window

7. 15 & 60 minutes volume spike

8. New high/low 5 minutes

Use “Manage scanner”, then “Cryptoscanners library” tab to choose scanner window you would like to use.

Crypto Scanner - Cryptoscanner Library