Create crypto scanners based on FTX Exchange and Binance Futures data

Today FTX Exchange and Binance Futures join Algory’s ever-expanding list of crypto exchanges. You can now retrieve FTX and Binance Futures crypto data using our crypto scanning tool.

Addition of FTX and Binance Futures exchange data will help us to retain our position as a market leader in a cryptocurrency scanning market and gives our users even more possibilities to make the best trading decisions. According to Coinmarketcap FTX exchange is the third largest crypto exchange by volume. Binance Futures is the world’s largest crypto derivatives exchange. With their addition Algory scanner will allow users to filter data from 16 crypto exchanges. To use FTX or Binance Futures data in our tool simply choose them from the list of available exchanges when creating a new crypto scanner.

Apart from additions of FTX and Binance Futures exchanges we’ve also updated crypto pairs on all of the scanned exchanges (in total we’ve added more than 120 crypto pairs).

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