Crypto Review Week 33 (2018)

Welcome in our weekly “Cryptocurrency weekly review”, in which we present most readed news from crypto world. What is more important we will be including information about which sources published news most quickly.

This is very important information from traders’ point of view. Knowing which sources publish news most quickly could increase your profit on cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrency news recap –  week 13-19/08/18

Below you will find the list of most readed articles in last week. By most readed I mean part of article that we stream on our Cryptocurrency News Aggregator. You will also find a source that published each news first.

Title   Most readed sourceQuickest news onDifference between quickest and most readed
1Volkswagen wants to make Bitcoin, Ethereum and Iota “tangible” for its customersThe Bitcoin NewsCoingape3 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes
2Nvidia: Substantial Decline in GPU Sales form Crypto MinersCoindeskReuters24 minutes
3Project Uniting Creatives via reward-based payments launches alpha version platformCointelegraphCointelegraph
4November BCH upgrade discussion heats up after bitcoin SV Full Node announcementBitcoin.comBitcoin Exchange Guide6 days, 20 hours
5ICOs created a stron 44% downtrend for ether in 14 daysCoinidol
6Cryptocurrency Funds Explained: list of the 25 bitcoin hedge fundsBitcoin Exchange Guide
7Japan’s biggest chat app line expands cryptocurrency offeringCoinJournal.netCointelegraph20 hours
8Why is everybody selling ripple and EthereumThe Bitcoin News
9Tron (TRX) announces BitDogSR as SR candidateAMB CryptoAMB Crypto
10Small victory for Ripple as it wins its first court caseChepichapBitcoin Exchange Guide8 hours, 30 minutes

So based on the last week recap, the quickest sources are:

1. Coingape

2. Cointelegraph

3. Bitcoin Exchange Guide

4. AMB Crypto