Crypto Review Week 6 (2022)

The world is buzzing with new developments and news about crypto, and rightly so. This new form of investment is one of the most lucrative ones! Take a look at five of the most exciting crypto news from the past week. To get the latest news like the ones below, conveniently sorted into categories, you can use the Algory Crypto News Aggregator.

1.   Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification

Twitter has finally launched a verification process so that NFT profile pictures can remain protected. Users can now link their Ethereum wallet to their Twitter account to do so. Once linked, they will get access to the list of NFTs they own. This feature is only available on Ethereum NFTs at the moment. Source

2.   Zuckerberg’s Crypto Plans Stop

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta had previously planned to launch Diem, a crypto project featuring a stablecoin. However, the plan has now been scrapped as Meta announced that all related assets and intellectual property have been sold to Silvergate Capital, a crypto bank.

The press release issued for the situation stated that Meta sold the project for a whopping $182 million. The assets will probably be used for Silvergate’s stablecoin project, which will be released in 2022. Source

3.   India Might Launch New Digital Currency

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for cryptocurrency. Now, there might be an official, government-backed digital currency in the country. In the past week, India announced its Budget for the current financial year.

It was stated that there are plans for a digital currency in the rupee model, the country’s official currency. There might also be a 30% taxation on digital assets. Although there has been no official direction regarding the implementation, it might begin this year. Source

4.   Latest Crypto Heist

In the latest crypto heist, more than $320 million was stolen. The victim was a crypto portal Wormhole. This heist is the fourth biggest heist to date; the first one was that of $600 million on the Poly Network.

There had been an exploit in the Wormhole coding system, which had allowed hackers this theft. Apparently, the exploit was present between the minting and wrapping of tokens between major crypto chains. Source

5.   Binance CEO Talks Phishing

The CEO of Binance, the crypto exchange platform, recently warned about a massive SMS phishing scam that is currently targeting users. Phishing is usually when a text or call is faked, pretending to be from official channels.

This particular phishing scam sends users a link to cancel withdrawals. However, this faulty link leads to scam websites that steal users’ login credentials. Therefore, all users are asked to be wary of such text messages or calls. Source

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