Information about unsold tokens

Due to numerous questions regarding unsold tokens, please be informed that we are considering two possibilities for their further use.

Option one

The first option is to leave some of them (and burn the rest) to complete a post-sale later (in at least a couple of months) to ensure further financing into the company when we develop new key features for the products.

In this option — the amount (based on current ETH price) will not be greater than 20–30% of unsold tokens. The rest will be burnt.

Option two

The second possibility considered by the company is to burn all tokens if the revenues of the company resulting from Premium access to the Algory platform are at a level that enables further fast growth of the project.

Information about payments for premium features

Users will have the possibility of paying for the Premium version using the Algory utility token or FIAT.

Please be informed that some of the revenues obtained in ALG within Premium access to the platform will be burnt.


Please note that unsold tokens will not be available for sale on cryptocurrency exchanges and the company will not have them included in free trade. The only possibilities for their use are indicated above.