Several updates for better market scanning and trading

We released a new version of our pioneering Crypto Market Scanning tool. The new update includes several improvements.

In the first quarter of 2021 we already announced a full list of improvements to our product portfolio and it was communicated that more updates will follow. Today we are happy to announce some more updates to our Crypto Scanning platform as promised.

„Our mission is to improve our scanning platform which is used by thousands of traders from around the world. It is natural that we are adding new features on a regular basis as the crypto market is on the rise and we want to be the leading Crypto Scanning platforms worldwide”, says Tomasz Przybycien.

New features include the following:


Several new news sources have been added to our Cryptocurrency News Aggregator. This means that users will receive better and more detailed search results while scanning the market for news related to crypto, coins, tokens and much more.

Download the mobile News Scanner app here.


A sound alert for new signals was added to the cryptoscanner which can be activated in case users never want to miss what is important for them. The new speaker icon can now be found in the upper left corner. When hearing the sound you will be able to react in the fastest way possible to oversee the market movement before trading.


A payment history section was added to the Crypto Scanner where you can view all payment details regarding your subscription. We will provide you now with the date, amount, hash and payment status of all your transactions.


In order to offer the best crypto scanning experience we have resolved several bugs that you and we have discovered. We are very thankful for your patience and support. It is important to build a product that will last long and serve you well.