The Most Popular Crypto Youtubers You Should Start To Follow

The rush of new bitcoin investors has generated a plethora of opportunities for cryptocurrency influencers. Crypto influencers are persons who have a huge social media following who utilize their platform to promote cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other blockchain initiatives.

Cryptocurrency trading is a thriving business with increasing interest. Investors should be aware that there are many persons claiming to be crypto influencers out there. To protect yourself, do your homework before investing in any cryptocurrency influencer.

Most Popular Crypto Youtubers

Crypto YouTube channels are excellent resources for learning about cryptocurrency and staying up to speed on blockchain developments. They now provide a wide range of material, from trading tactics to interviews with blockchain industry leaders.

The Crypto community spends their mornings with Ivan on Tech‘s blockchain news and their evenings trading with Karl from The Moon.

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Tone Vays

114,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Tone Vays was among the earliest cryptocurrency YouTubers. Tone began his work at Bear Stearns and J.P. Morgan before switching to cryptocurrency and joining Cointelegraph as a researcher in 2014.

Tone is a staunch Bitcoin maximalist, believing Bitcoin to be the first and greatest cryptocurrency. Tony’s channel is great for learning about cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Tone spent ten years on Wall Street before finding Bitcoin. Since then, he has been teaching others about the significance of this unique financial technology via his YouTube channel.

Sunny Decree

150,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Sunny Decree is a renowned Swiss social media influencer who posts Bitcoin-related material on his YouTube channel. Since 2019, he has been sharing his expertise with his audience via Bitcoin-related material on YouTube.

His channel focuses mostly on Bitcoin fundamental and technical analysis. Sunny Decree argues that his research is “beginner-friendly” since he often creates information for Bitcoin newcomers. However, he also offers material for experienced leverage traders.

Crypto Capital Venture

309,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Dan Gambardello is the founder of Crypto Capital Venture. Dan Gambardello is an investor as well as a technical recruiter in the blockchain and crypto company sector. He enjoys creating films to share his ideas on bitcoin-related topics with viewers, such as the crypto world and community.

Dan Gambardello says that Bitcoin and Ethereum are his two preferred cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the driving force behind all of this, and it is actually an invention in and of itself.

He mostly watches Bitcoin pricing on his YouTube channel, Crypto Capital Venture, but he also looks at BTC news. His channel is dedicated to Bitcoin price analysis. He also covers Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. Many of his followers tune in to his channel to keep up with these markets.

Gambardello said that the success of CCV was due to the success of his YouTube Channel and Cardano stake pools, as well as its delegators and that all of this was channelled into one mission: To Love and Serve.

The most popular crypto YouTubers recording

The Modern Investor

200,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

The Modern Investor is a newcomer to the cryptocurrency sector, but it has rapidly become a YouTube crypto favourite. The Modern Investor aims to assist cryptocurrency traders in making a profit by offering a library of crypto resources for learning trading tactics and blockchain project information. The videos on this channel are concise and to the point.

Crypto Zombie

219,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Kyle, the presenter of Crypto Zombie, is a YouTube bitcoin influencer. Crypto Zombie’s YouTube channel broadcasts daily Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Cryptocurrency news to its viewers. Kyle also conducts interviews with notable crypto projects and leaders. On his YouTube channel, he also talks about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Blockchain technology. Most Popular Crypto Youtubers


258,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Box Mining is a cryptocurrency-related YouTube channel that provides a weekly stream of enquiries including all the newest news in the blockchain business. Michael Gu, the man behind this YouTube channel, worked hard to change the cryptocurrency sector.

Michael Gu’s various material on his channel has earned Box Mining a large number of viewers who tune in to watch his videos. With a wide spectrum of interviews, Gu focuses on demonstrating how blockchain technologies might change the future world.

Andreas Antonopolous

290,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the man behind this YouTube channel, is a well-known figure in the crypto industry. Andreas’ channel enchants viewers with keynotes and speeches that dissect his perspective on anything from trends to tokens.

Andreas manages to remain objective in his analysis. This YouTube channel also has some excellent talks and arguments with other entrepreneurs and visionaries, usually around Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Crypto Banter

407,000 subscribers

Topics include cryptocurrency trading and chart analysis.

Crypto Banter is a YouTube channel for the crypto community. They often supply their audience with Go-To live streaming, news, instructional Bitcoin, Defi, NFT, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency related stuff on this channel. The crew at Crypto Banter has interviewed the largest industry guests, including billionaires, thought leaders, and expert traders.

The channel’s goal is to guarantee that their audience has “their finger on the pulse to learn,” in order to make the greatest trades or investment choices and to become a part of this fast increasing market, technology, and community.

Ellio Trades Crypto

425,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Ellio Trades Crypto is one of the most popular and rapidly rising cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. Ellio’s well-presented films, extensive research of cryptocurrencies that are intimately related to his fans, and other factors have all contributed to his rapid rise.

Ellio prefers small-cap coins with a greater risk-to-reward ratio. Ellio’s channel showcased his well-researched videos, which resulted in good market plays.

Lark Davis

443,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Lark Davis, the presenter and operator of one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels on YouTube, has effectively presented his films in a lighthearted manner. Crypto Lark’s entertaining manner injects life into his articulated analysis of tech turbulence and blockchain solutions.

Lark Davis is a crypto celebrity from New Zealand, and his YouTube channel provides a solid combination of information and recommendations. Helping people learn to trade, generate passive income, and get paid in Bitcoin. Lark also provides in-depth Q&As with key cryptocurrency public personalities, political postings about market movements, and cryptocurrency news.

Data Dash

473,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

One of the most prominent bitcoin YouTube channels is DataDash. DataDash is the brainchild of Nicholas Merten. He is a space crypto expert, worldwide speaker, and thought leader. He has over eight years of expertise in conventional markets, which he has used to grasp the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Ivan on Tech

481,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

One of the most prominent cryptocurrency YouTube channels is Ivan on Tech. Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish software engineer and YouTube tech public personality, is the man behind this channel. Ivan writes on macro-topics in the crypto and blockchain arena.

On YouTube, Ivan’s channel has over 481,000 subscribers. He discovered Bitcoin when a buddy alerted him to the digital money. Bitcoin was in a bull market at the time, having risen from $30 to $1,000.

He began generating more material seriously after his Ethereum video became popular, but he still does it in his own time. Ivan took it seriously in late 2017, and he was able to develop a company. He has since been asked to talk about cryptocurrency initiatives.

The most popular crypto YouTubers phone

The Moon

514,00 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Carl Eric Martin is the man behind the YouTube channel The Moon. Carl Martin is a well-known YouTuber, Bitcoin supporter, and cryptocurrency expert. His YouTube channel is regarded as one of the finest on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He became well-known as a result of the channel, and he is now a well-known public personality in the crypto field.

Into the Cryptoverse (Benjamin Cowen)

570,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Ben Cowen hosts the YouTube channel Into The Cryptoverse. Into The Cryptoverse offers advanced bitcoin education to anyone interested in delving further into the parameters that drive the cryptocurrency market.

Unlike many sites that discuss cryptocurrencies entirely in the form of memes and catchy slogans, Ben tackles bitcoin from a practical standpoint and leverages his academic education to convey these metrics in a manner that the community can grasp.

Altcoin Daily

1,030.000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Aaron and Austin Arnold are the owners of Altcoin Daily. The AltCoin Daily channel was created to provide a daily supply of videos on news, market analysis, education, viewpoint, and opinion. Aaron and Austin Arnold are unmistakable Bitcoin Fundamentalists, and they employ altcoin trading to supplement their Bitcoin holdings.

They publish daily coverage of the newest news in the crypto-verse on their YouTube channel, as well as interviews with key members of the crypto community.

BitBoy Crypto

1,300,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Ben Armstrong decided to become a “full-time crypto” in 2018 and devote all of his time and efforts to growing the crypto community’s reach, thus he created the BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel.

BitBoy Crypto has grown to be one of the most popular and well-known news sites for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

BitBoy Crypto is a website where consumers can acquire the most recent cryptocurrency news, project evaluations, and cryptocurrency investing guidance. On his channel, people may also learn about other cryptocurrencies, historical Bitcoin cycles, and the most recent Ethereum news.

Coin Bureau

1,450,000 subscribers

Crypto Trading, Chart Analysis, and Blockchain are some of the topics covered.

Mike Jenkins is the man behind Coin Bureau; he founded it. On his channel, he educates and informs his audience on blockchain technology. Coin Bureau offers information about a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, and many more.

His well-versed explanation and comprehensive list of crypto choices have elevated this channel to the top of the list of most anticipated Crypto Youtube channels in 2022.


It is vital to remember that there are numerous bitcoin influencers who may be classified in several ways:

1. Full-time: These folks make a career in cryptocurrency trading and earn money by marketing cryptocurrency on their platforms. In most cases, they’ve been using different crypto trading tools for several years or have accumulated a deep knowledge of the topic.

2. Part-time: Although these people do not earn money from crypto trading, they do utilize it to produce cash via YouTube videos, ICO marketing, and other services such as site design.

3. Strategic Partnerships: Influencers may collaborate with businesses to generate advertising.

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