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Below you will find answers on the most common technical questions. If you have any other question – please use Contact form.

How can I report an error in the application?

In order to report an error in the application, please use the contact form available here.

How can I change the theme to dark or light?

To change the application’s color to dark you need to:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner
  3. Set the “Dark theme” switch to “on”

How can I change the news sources?

Changing the source of news is possible after logging in to the Then you need to click on the checkbox under the name “Sources”.


The window will open with the division of sources into four categories: Websites, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit.

To choose specific sources, select the source category you are interested in from the categories listed above. Then select the sources that you are interested in – in the “Unselected” window. They will appear in the “Selected” window.

If you want to select all sources from a specific category (for e.g. websites), just press “Add all” at under the “Unselected” window.

If you want to delete a specific source from a given category, select it from the “Selected” field. If you want to delete all sources from a specific category, select “Remove all” under the “Selected” window.


Can I add my own news sources?

If you want us to add new news sources, fill in the “Share link with us” field in the “Sources” window. The most valuable sources will be added by us.

What is the credibility of the news?

Credibility shows if the given news sources is credible or not. For example, news from official sources like the official website / blog / Twitter of a given cryptocurrency or stock exchange have 100% credibility. Other sources are evaluated by the algorithm that we have prepared.

What is the sentiment of the news and how can I vote for sentiment?

In the information window of a given news, the user has the opportunity to assess what is the sentiment of the news (negative or positive). Negative sentiment may be associated with a decrease in the exchange rate on a given cryptocurrency / token. A positive sentiment may be associated with an increase in the rate on a given cryptographic / token. Remember that sentiment is a subjective assessment by users of the news platform and is not a recommendation regarding the purchase or sale of tokens / cryptocurrencies.

To vote, open the news window of a specific news item, then select “Rate impact of this news” and in it “thumbs up – green (positive news reception) or” thumbs down – red (negative news reception).

What are the news categories?

In the Cryptonews panel, the user has the option to choose “New type”, i.e. the news category.


Available categories include:

  • Airdrop – information about airdrops of tokens
  • Events – information related to conferences and events from the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Exchanges – information from cryptocurrencies exchanges
  • General – general information not elsewhere classified
  • ICO – Initial Coin Offering news
  • Influencers – information from Influencers from the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Mining – information related to cryptocurrency mining
  • New listing – information related to the listing of new tokens
  • Regulations – information related to regulations, legal changes, taxes
  • Technology – information focused on the development of blockchain technology
  • Trading – information related to trading and investments in cryptocurrencies and tokens

There is a possibility of choosing all categories or narrow your searches to categories that interest you.

What are the keywords and how does the filtration via keywords work?

The user has the option of narrowing down the search of news with the use of specific keywords. Filtering by keywords works as an alternative option.

To select specific keywords, enter the search word in the “Keywords” field and press enter. The user can enter many keywords. As a result, he will receive news containing one of the keywords that he has mentioned.

What are workspaces and how to add a new workspace?

The user can prepare his own workspace. After logging in to the platform, the user sees Default Workspace. It can be modified in any way.

After each change made, a bar appears at the top of the page with information on saving new settings. Press the “Save” button for the changes to be made permanently.

To add a new workspace, select the “+” button in the Workspace field. A new window will be displayed where you should enter the name of the given Workspace and click “Create new workspace”.

You can change the name of the specified workspace. To do this, proceed as in the picture below.

And then change the Workspace name.

The user has the option to delete Workspace. To do this, follow the picture below.

How to choose news from a specific date range?

The user has the possibility to view the news archive. To do this, press the button “Filters” according to the picture below.

Next, specify the time interval of archived news and press the “Update workspace configuration” button.

The news from the specified time range will be displayed.

How to change the language of the news displayed?

At current moment we support English. We will inform when news sources in subsequent foreign languages ​​will be added.

How can I add my news source?

If you wish for the new news source to be added – please select the “Sources” field and then complete the “Share link with us” information. Each source is checked by us for credibility. Those that receive the appropriate rating, will be added by us.

How can I share news from Algora on Twitter or Facebook?

Cryptonews users have the opportunity to share news on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. To do this you must have your own accounts on the above mentioned channels. Then you have to open the news window of the specific news item and select “Share news” in the bottom right corner of the message. Then choose the Facebook icon and / or Twitter and share the news with other users.

How do I turn off the message window?

To turn off the news window, press “X” in the upper right corner of the message.

Change an e-mail address

To change the e-mail, click on the “avatar” in the upper right corner, then select “My account”. In the “Email” tab, enter the new email address and password. Then press the “Update now” button. On the old email address you will receive a confirmation regarding the change of the email address, which must be confirmed.

To change the password, click on “avatar” in the upper right corner, then select “My account”. In the “Password” tab, enter your current password and enter a new one. Then press the “Update now” button. You will be logged out and asked to log in again using the new password.

Completing your user data

To complete your personal details click on “avatar” in the upper right corner, then select “My account”. In the “Profile” tab, enter your name, surname, country and add an avatar. Then select the avatar and press “Save changes”.

How to read the entire news?

In the message window there is presented a summary of a specific news. To read the entire message from the original source, in the message window press “Message title”, button “Visit website” or “Read more ..”. Then a new page will open with the full content of the message.

Does Cryptonews show the content of the entire news?

The news aggregator analyzes the content of the entire news in terms of search keywords or categories. However, it does not display the whole news content in the message window. To display it, press “Message title”, button “Read more …” or “Visit website” in the beginning of the message.

News review in terms of sentiment?

There is a possibility of filtering news in terms of the sentiment of a given news. To perform such filtration, select “Filters” and then specify:

  • type of sentiment (each, mainly positive, mainly negative, lack of sentiment)
  • number of votes

The filter works for news on which a minimum of 10 votes per sentiment was given. Then press the “Update workspace configuration” button.

Review of sources in terms of credibility?

To view the sources filtered in terms of credibility of the news, select “Filters” and then specify the range (from minimum to the maximum number expressed in %) credibility. Then press the “Update workspace configuration” button.


How to buy a Premium / Pro account?

To get access to premium features you need to Register. Then you need to go to “Payments” on your Account settings. You need to choose between our pricing package. Then you will need to send ALG token to our address. You can purchase ALG token on

What do the displayed cryptocurrency symbols in the news list mean?

If in a given news item there is a reference to an existing cryptocurrency or token – this information will be under the title of the news. As in the following example: