This is Algory, the most multifuncional, actionable and insightful set of cryptocurrency tools and news aggregators ever built for individual crypto traders. See what sets Algory apart and stop wasting your time on tiresome research. With Algory everything is in one place.


Forget about spending hours or days searching for the best trading opportunities. With Algory, it takes just 6 simple steps to create a custom scanner or use built-in crypto libraries that will filter all data important for your trading strategy.


Our Cryptoscanner works in real time to help you find crypto that matters. News Aggregator gives you access to +100 different filters/alerts from 17 exchanges, all in one place.

We created Algory as a toolset for traders who need to be fast, always on time and prepred for what could happen.

Move to the next level of trading by using professional crypto tools, that scan the market within miliseconds. Save tons of time that and use it to improve your trading skills.

See for yourself what kind of amazing features you will find when using our crypto tools.

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Crypto tools

Real-Time Scanning

Our professional Cryptoscanner works in real time to help you find crypto that matters. Set your scanner and get signals within miliseconds.

Scanner Window

Create your own window scanners based on +100 different alerts and filters that are crucial for your trading strategy. Never be late again.

News Aggregator

Meet the quickest and most advanced News Streamer in the Cryptocurrency Industry. Created for traders who need to be fast.

Fully Customizable

Easily manage News Scanner and cryptoscanners in your workspace, to quickly access information based on your choices.

Scanner’s Library

Take advantage of pre-built cryptoscanner libraries created by professional traders by easily adding scanners to your workspace.

All in one place

+800 crypto news sources and +100 alerts/filters in one place. Within miliseconds scan all the data that you need to be a pro crypto trader.

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Criteria-based scanners

Within 6 simple steps you can create your own scanner based on exchanges, filters, alerts, symbol list, crypto pairs and other data.

Working hours

You can easily adapt our tools to your working hours. With bright and dark versions, you can still use the Algory app, even when your eyes get tired.

Hot crypto in real time

Forget about traders that were quicker than you. Scan different exchanges basing on your criteria and always be the first.

No effort required

Workspaces are created in the most intuitive and easy way. No programming skills required.

Personalized workspace

Set workspaces for different needs: scalping, swing ideas, pumps and dumps and many more.

Custom filters

Each filter is created for a different purpose. Use a combination of filters to create more sophisticated alerts.

Ready to start SCANNING?


Scan by exchanges

Set filters/alerts on multiple most important crypto exchanges for traders. Get access to data from almost 20 crypto exchanges.

Scan by market

Choose which crypto market pairs you are interested in. Set pairs that you are looking fo.r /BTC or maybe /ETH or /USD? You choose.

Scan by filter

Choose from 40+ different filters. Set filters and choose the range that you are looking for. You can mix it with alerts too.

Scan by alert

Choose from 25 different alerts. Set alerts and choose the range that you are looking for. You can mix it with filters too.

Volume filters

One of most important filter/alert. Make use of many possibilities to scan crypto based on changes in volume.

Pumps and dumps

With our scanner you can find a pump in an early stage. Based on spike/volume criteria you can join it before the mass does.

News Scanner

800+ crypto sources

The biggest and most optimalized cryptocurrency news aggregator that is available online.

Scan by sources

You can choose from 800+ different sources: websites, News Scanner, twitter, reddit, youtube.

Scan by news type

Choose between news type: mining, trading, technology, regulations etc.


Looking for news that include a specific phrase? Type your keywords and find out what is going on.

News archive

Check a database with news archive. For example, check what drove the Bitcoin price in the past.


Find out which news were ranked as positive or negative by users.